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Founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder, Bitcointalk is a cryptocurrency forum for blockchain developers, enthusiasts, and cryptocurrency investors. This public platform was also designed to function as the primary source of information for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin (BTC) related discussions. The bitcointalk.org domain name is currently owned by Sirius (aka Martti Malmi) – Bitcoin’s second developer.

What Does Bitcointalk Do?

Bitcointalk is a space that allows people to create posts and discuss topics related to cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin and blockchain. The forum comprises different boards which are categorized based on content. Moderators manage these boards from within the community itself.

The platform is built on open-source software – SMF or Simple Machine Forum. The design and functionality of the forum have not changed much since its first publication.

Interestingly, Bitcointalk acts as the perfect platform for news and announcements of cryptocurrency projects so that they can be discussed in detail. As a result, it is very popular with ICOs (initial coin offerings) promoting their projects to build respective communities. Bitcointalk’s primary benefit lies in being an excellent opportunity for exposure. There is hardly another cryptocurrency platform with such a specific target market audience.

Traders Are Talking About Bitcoin
Traders Are Talking About Bitcoin

How does Bitcointalk Work?

The Bitcointalk forum is home to various sections, each having multiple sub-forums or discussion threads. All of these pertain to the cryptocurrency world. At Coincasso, we agree that all Bitcoin enthusiasts in 2021 should have a Bitcointalk account to stay on top of the latest news and ICOs. Having an account is almost essential for an ICO.

Forum’s Structure

The forum’s structure depicts the divisions within different platforms like Economy, Bitcoin, Economy, Alternate Cryptocurrencies, etc. Like Bitcointalk, all of these forums comprise sub-forums, topics, and discussion boards split into multiple boards addressing different topics.

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Point System

Community members within the forum are required to achieve points for gaining ranks. They receive points by contributing to the forum in the form of relevant and substantial posts/content.

Bitcointalk forum – Ranks

Users require points to improve their ranks on the forum (from ‘Brand New’ to ‘Legendary’). And these can be enhanced with a combination of activity and merit points that are awarded by other users depending on the quality of your posts. A higher rank allows you more freedom to perform an increased number of activities like translation, signature, etc. The entire concept behind the ranking system is to ensure that the forum continues to provide high-quality information.


Irrespective of their ranks, the users can be banned if they do not adhere to the community guidelines. Therefore, it is also essential to maintain your reputation by ensuring that you post appropriate content and receive relevant reviews.

Readers and Writers

Readers of Bitcointalk can be any user interested in finding out more information or the latest news in the Bitcoin space, crypto industry, or the blockchain general. Most readers and writers of the forum include expert developers, business owners, coders operating under pseudonyms.

Along with them, the platform includes moderators responsible for maintaining the integrity of the forum. With millions of community members, Bitcointalk is one of the most valuable sources of generating user traffic relevant to the cryptocurrency space.

Most of Bitcoin’s traffic comes from referrals, direct visits, social media, and organic search.

Talking About Crypto
Talking About Crypto

In Conclusion – bitcoin forum

Bitcointalk is the perfect platform consolidating all-things-Bitcoin. Even though the platform was started by Bitcoin’s anonymous founder Satoshi, the larger community has taken over a massive part of content contribution. If you are looking for the latest information on ICOs or want to start as a cryptocurrency investor, this is a comprehensive information-providing platform to visit. Once you have the relevant information, you can easily open your account with CoinCasso and begin trading in Bitcoin.

Bitcointalk Community
Bitcointalk Community


Who owns BitcoinTalk?

There is not much information on the history of BitcoinTalk. Satoshi Nakamoto is the owner of Bitcointalk forum and its founder. The forum was first published in November 2009. Post-creation, the platform was handed over to the current administration. Today the platform is managed by staff and moderators.

Where can I discuss Bitcoin?

If you are looking for more information on Bitcoin, you can discuss it at various forums like BitcoinTalk. These include Reddit, CryptoInTalk, The Bitcoin Forum, Dash Forum, etc.

How to rank up in Bitcointalk?

For ranking up in Bitcointalk, you need both the rank and merit points. Merits are rewards given to you by other Bitcointalk users if they find your post informational and valuable. But Merits are not enough to rank up. You also need to score in the ‘Required Activity’ space’ to be promoted. This value is calculated based on your activity levels of creating posts over 2 weeks [formula: Activity=min(time*14, posts)].

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