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With its growing popularity, BTC is gaining acceptance in various economic sectors. That is why nowadays we can buy almost everything for Bitcoins. Where did it start? What do you currently buy with BTC? You will find out all this by reading this article.

From the beginning

“I’ll pay 10,000 bitcoins for a couple of pizzas, like two big ones, to keep me for tomorrow, I like to milk the leftovers later.” – is an excerpt from a Florida computer scientist – Laszlo Hanyecz, who published this announcement in May 2010 on one of the Internet forums. The programmer quickly found a restaurant that accepted the order. It was Papa Joe’s network.

An inconspicuous announcement, turned out to be the first transaction in the history of BTC. The interesting thing is that Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC for his order. At that time, it was only $41. As you know, Bitcoin is much more valuable nowadays, and Laszlo Hanyecz himself reportedly regrets his decision.


Although the tourism sector is currently very limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is worth noting that people love to travel. That is why some companies have decided to use Bitcoin as one of the forms of payment when making reservations and paying for holidays. This is all to make it easier for customers to use the services.

Expedia – one of the biggest travel agencies accepts payments via BTC for online hotel reservations that can be made via their website. In addition, CheapAir allows its customers to pay for airline bookings using this digital currency. The tourism of the future is also worthwhile here. Virgin Galactic is a company that is researching the possibility of traveling to space. Of course, the work is still ongoing and it is not really clear when the goal will be achieved. However, it should be noted that the company has already announced that a trip to the moon can be bought with Bitcoin.

bitcoin payments cheapair


Pizzaforcoins is a California-based service that allows you to order and pay for pizza from the most popular chain restaurants such as Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. If you want to use the platform, please enter your location. Then the application presents the places where you will find a restaurant available in your area. After placing an order and making a payment, the selected restaurant receives this information. In the app you can make transactions using 50 different cryptocurrencies, taking into account their integration with Shapeshift.

If you live in Germany, you can use the Lieferando.de application, which works in Germany. The platform delivers food from over 11,000 restaurants and accepts Bitcoin payments.

From 2017 you can buy food and pay for it using BTC in the Pyszne.pl application. It is a Polish platform from which you can order a meal from over 7,000 gastronomic points.


The gaming industry is very extensive and technologically advanced. With the Xbox Store and Windows Store, you can buy games or movies that use Bitcoin as a form of payment. All you have to do is pay your BTC to Microsoft’s account. The only downside is that if you deposit some amount of BTC into your account you will not be able to recover it. That’s why you should keep an eye on how much crypto you intend to spend on games.

xbox strone bitcoin payment

Are you interested in niche games? You can buy them with a removable gift card available on various platforms such as BitPlaza, Coinmall and Zynga. These platforms allow you to pay for purchases with Bitcoins.

Online Shopping

More and more online shops are adding digital currency payment options to their websites. Etsy, a world-renowned platform with a huge number of products, allows its customers to take advantage of the payment options at BTC. Bitrefill, a platform that allows you to buy coupons from the best food chains in the USA, such as Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle or Dunkin Donuts using bitcoins. You can also buy gift cards for gaming platforms like Steam, Xbox and Nintendo. Similarly, platforms such as Gyft and BitPlaza allow you to buy almost anything from personal accessories to groceries in the crypto.

Reed Jewellers, a well-known brand in the American jewelry and accessories industry, has stores in more than 13 states and is also available online. Both physical and online Reeds stores can be paid for using BTC.

bitrefill crypto payments

Other options

Dish company, which offers TV and Internet services, accepts payment for its products in the form of Bitcoins. This possibility appeared already in 2014. Bitcoin Real Estate allows you to sell and buy properties using BTC. You can boldly sell your home on the platform and buy a new one using digital assets.

APMEX and JM Bullion allow clients to buy gold, silver and other precious metals through their website. Payments are also accepted with Bitcoins.

Bloomberg and Chicago Sun-times are part of online information platforms. You can also pay for their subscription with digital currencies. Similarly, Treehouse, an educational application, which accepts payments in BTC for its courses, works.

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way before the entrepreneurs noticed their value. We are one step closer to the general acceptance of digital currencies. There are more and more BTC investors. That is why it is important that companies give choice to their clients and adapt to their needs. So share what you plan to buy with Bitcoin?

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