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Would you like to have more money? What a question… The cryptocurrency world gives you plenty of opportunities to make profits. Some of them require a lot of technical work, and some only a bit of effort. Below we have listed the five most popular ways to earn money in the cryptosphere:

Participation in bounty programs

You can make money by completing simple tasks. “Simple” doesn’t mean that they always don’t require much effort, but in general, you can receive tokens – for example, thanks to CoinCasso bounty program – without any risk. It is a great option for those people who don’t have enough funds to invest in cryptocurrencies or they are afraid to put money into the cryptocurrency exchange.

You can earn virtual currency for example by writing articles, publishing Facebook posts, retweeting Twitter posts, and even for subscribing channels or joining groups, such as for instance our open Telegram group.

By participating in the crypto bounty program, you can not only earn in the short term, but you can also contribute to the development of the project you are promoting. The more people are involved in the program, and the more effort you put in, the more likely the project is to succeed.

In CoinCasso, we especially value the activity of our members. What differs CoinCasso from other cryptocurrency initiatives is that we create a community, which will have a democratic impact on our holistic project and the entire blockchain industry.

Buying & hodling

Investing in cryptocurrencies and just hodling them is the most popular way to make money in the cryptocurrency environment but as opposed to the bounty programs, it is associated with risk. You certainly need some technical knowledge, a bit of luck and a proper investor’s mind to succeed here.

If you want to try your hand, you can buy Bitcoins and Ethereum, and soon also other cryptocurrencies (Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic) on CoinCasso Exchange. Remember that our project is in its first phase, and we continue to expand it. It is a matter of months before we will introduce a hybrid project – CoinCasso Exchange 2.0, which is going to combine the advantages of centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. For more information about our vision, you can read our Whitepaper.


Trading is another way to earn money, based on buying/selling virtual currencies on a short term basis. The idea is simple – buy low and sell high when the goal is achieved. This method works very well for technical people, because crypto, which is an unstable market, can vary by 20-50% during the day depending on the choices made.

Except for cryptocurrency day trading, there is also a so-called leverage trading (or margin trading), which involves borrowing funds and investing more than your actual capital. For example, a 4:1 leverage means that you place trades 4 times bigger than your starting amount of money – the loan is usually taken from a broker (in case of cryptocurrencies, from a cryptocurrency exchange).

Remember that day and leverage trading require technical knowledge. We do not recommend it to you if you do not have enough experience. However, if you do not fear to trade, you can also earn money this way on CoinCasso Exchange, or for example on Kraken, Bitrex or CoinHub. As we mentioned, Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently available on our exchange, and the other cryptocurrencies that we plan to introduce are Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and XRP (Ripple’s token). We are also going to introduce new trading pairs based on Bitcoin and new cryptocurrencies – BTC / DASH, BTC / LTC, BTC / BCH and BTC / ETC. In the future, we also plan to introduce leverage trading. Hungry for trading? Good luck!

 Investing in ICO & STO

Investing in cryptocurrencies during ICO or STO can bring significant long-term profits. Remember to be attentive in this regard, because many projects are overhyped and sometimes they turn out to be just a scam. In addition to speculating on the value of new cryptocurrencies, it is worth paying attention to the roadmap and the current development of the project. Unlike many ICO projects, where users can only count on the value of the speculative token, CoinCasso presents a multi-layered and multi-functional project that develops holistically and guarantees a very high probability of success. Always remember to get feedback on the project from independent sources, such as ICO rating platforms like ICOBench or ICOHolder, and remember to analyze Whitepaper and current activities of the project.

Thanks to buying CCX tokens, you can take advantage of our innovative project, which as the first in the industry is going to share profits with its members. You can buy CCX tokens on Remember that the price of CCX token increases every day, so the earlier you buy, the better for you!


Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which cryptocurrency transactions are verified and added to blockchain. The mining process itself involves competing with other cryptominers to solve complex mathematical problems. The alternative to mining is called a Masternode. Masternode is a full crypto node (i.e., computer wallet) which supports the network by storing a full copy of the coins’ ledger in real time. In return, Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward.

It is a method of making money in a cryptosphere, which, like trading, requires a lot of technical knowledge and, above all, a lot of funds that you can spend on investing in the right hardware like for example, ASIC and GPUs plus the additional supporting equipment. You need to remember that nowadays mining is a very tough and competitive method to make money and that’s why we have put it on the list as the last one.

Will you try your hand?

Above we described the five most popular methods of earning in the world of cryptocurrencies. Some of them, like trading and mining, require a lot of technical knowledge, and some are simply “money lying on the street”. Some of the ways to earn money, which we have described, are not difficult to implement and sometimes only our psyche blocks us from the involvement.

In particular, if you want to begin earning money in the cryptosphere, we strongly encourage you to take part in the CoinCasso bounty program, thanks to which you can earn without risk. If you have funds and some knowledge about cryptocurrencies, which you can get among other things from our articles from the Cryptocurrency List series, you can try buying and hodling. The last method that we mentioned is investing in ICO or STO, and although it is associated with a bit of risk, if you are at least slightly familiar with the blockchain world, it is possible to evaluate correctly the chances related to a success of a given project, and therefore, to make profits in the long run.

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