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The cryptocurrency market is developing dynamically, and the popularity of digital currencies makes people more and more willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s high price has caught the attention of investors. Growing confidence in digital assets shows that it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies.

Have you made the decision to start your adventure in the cryptocurrency market, but you don’t know what you should invest in? Bitcoin is not the only right decision, there are many interesting projects that you can gain a lot from. We suggest what to buy on the cryptocurrency exchange in 2021.

What cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021?

Bitcoin – the king in the cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. It dominated the cryptocurrency industry, becoming the safest investment. Its popularity makes people wanting to buy it. Bitcoin’s price has Brown over the years from $0.063 in 2010 to $65,000 in April 2021! Bitcoin is still fluctuating – after the jump in April, Bitcoin’s price has dropped to $37,000. Many investors took advantage of the downturn to buy more Bitcoins, suggesting another Bitcoin success in the near future!

Analysts specialising in cryptocurrencies predict that Bitcoin’s price may reach a new record high later this year. Bitcoin’s price at the end of the year is estimated to be between $100,000 and $400,000. Are you impressed by the expected Bitcoin price? Create an account on CoinCasso and buy Bitcoin in just a few minutes!

Are you still wondering what cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021? Let’s move on to altcoins, or Bitcoin alternatives.


Ethereum – altcoin of the future available on the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange

Ethereum is Bitcoin’s biggest competitor in the cryptocurrency market. A series of bold updates are planned for 2021 that could make Ethereum overtake Bitcoin. The main change this year is changing the Proof of Work protocol to Proof of Stake. What does this mean for web users? Above all, greater efficiency, as well as reducing energy consumption by more than 99%! Ethereum has a chance to become one of the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies, which is of particular importance in the era of global warming.

The last update of the Ethereum network (Ethereum London Hard Fork), which was at the beginning of August, made the Ethereum price increase by a few percent. The next major update to the Ethereum network is scheduled for December 2021. Will it bring an increase in the price of Ether (the digital currency of the Ethereum network) again? We’ll find out soon, and in that time you can buy some Ether on CoinCasso.

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Cardano – is it worth investing?

Cardano is the third cryptocurrency in terms of market value according to (as of August 25, 2021). It recently came under the spotlight due to its growing price(about 30% increase in the last 7 days). Where does such a jump in price come from? It is associated with the launch of the first Alonzo test network, and more specifically with the launch of Plutus smart contracts. They have the ability to house decentralized financial applications. The full implementation of the Alonzo Blue chain is expected to take around 3 months – during this time the price of Cardano may (but does not have to) increase.

Another reason why it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies, and more precisely in Cardano, is its environmental friendliness. Cardano is a cryptocurrency created by Charles Hoskinson based on the Proof of Stake protocol, which, as we have already written, is more efficient than the PoW protocol on which Bitcoin is based. Cardano, like Ethereum, has a chance to gain the favor of investors in the cryptocurrency market.


Binance Coin – conquers the cryptocurrency market in 2021

The cryptocurrency created by the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is rapidly gaining in value. Its rate is currently $ 473, making it fourth in terms of market value. Binance Coin allows you to lower the fees on the Binance exchange, and is also a utility token of the platform. Utility tokens are like company stocks – if the stock exchange maintains its leadership position in the cryptocurrency market, an investment in BNB may turn out to be the right move.

Binance Coin can be purchased not only on Binance, but also on CoinCasso. Check how to buy Binance Coin on CoinCasso now!

Ripple XRP

Trading cryptocurrencies is an eternal rollercoaster. Sometimes the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is high, and sometimes low. Thanks to this, there are many interesting wata to earn (but also waste money). Such fluctuations are clearly visible on the Ripple XRP chart from the recent time. Are you wondering if it is a good decision to invest in Ripple XRP?

Ripple XRP is centralized and targeted at financial institutions. It is designed to instantly transfer money between buyers and sellers in multiple currencies. And governments may like it. This means Ripple XRP could be a key player in mass cryptocurrency adoption. But will it be so? Unfortunately, for now, we can only speculate whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies such as Ripple XRP.

Loot Token – rising star?

Loot Token is just entering the cryptocurrency market. It is the native currency of the decentralized CoinsLoot platform, which brings an element of entertainment to buying cryptocurrencies. The principle of CoinsLoot is simple – you pay the deposit, open the box, and inside … you can find loot of much more value than originally invested. You can only find cryptocurrencies in CoinsLoot boxes at the moment, but the project has a lot more to offer.

Why is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies, and more specifically Loot Token? We know that our partner CoinsLoot is preparing many updates and interesting features for this year, making the project more attractive and its potential to grow. What’s more, Loot Token allows you to get passive income. You buy a Loot Token, freeze your LOOTs and profit from the platform. You don’t need to do anything else! This way, you can profit from your Loot Token investment in two ways! Isn’t that great?

If you are interested in the CoinsLoot project, buy a Loot Token on our CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange.

Chainlink – an interesting altcoin on the cryptocurrency market

When the price of Bitcoin rises, price of other coins will also increase in the cryptocurrency market. Chainlink price, similarly to the Bitcoin price, has increased recently. Chainlink is considered by experts to be a cryptocurrency with a future and a long-term investment. Chainlink has the potential for further increases due to the problems it solves, i.e the problem of smart contacts with external data sources.

The Chainlink platform cooperates with large companies such as AXA, Intel or SWIFT, showing the trust in Chainlink. And you? If you want to invest in Chainlink, open an account on CoinCasso and buy your first cryptocurrency today!

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What cryptocurrencies to invest in – general rules

  • Trading cryptocurrencies is especially profitable around the time of major network upgrades – Ethereum and Cardano are examples
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on public support and opinion – so follow Elon Musk’s Twitter and other top cryptocurrency players
  • Cryptocurrency prices may be increasingly dependent on whether a given cryptocurrency is environmentally friendly or not
  • Watch out for investments in the so-called penny stocks. These are cheap cryptocurrencies, the price of which can skyrocket quickly, but can also disappear completely from the cryptocurrency market. Investing in penny stocks comes with greater risk than other cryptocurrencies.
  • Before you invest in cryptocurrencies, check the information about the coin. Find out what assumptions the project has and think if it has a chance of success. The greater the success of the project based on blockchain technology, the greater the chance of an increase in the price of its cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency market has developed significantly and investors are warming up to digital currencies. And you? Still wondering what cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021, do you already know what to buy?

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