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A decade ago, blockchain was not very popular. That time looks like eons ago. Blockchain makes any app more secure and increases data privacy. This has forced businesses to stay updated by letting users know that their data is secure. With numerous Decentralized Applications (dApps) in the market, users demand solutions that foster ease in communicating digital assets or dApps on blockchain systems with their web browser. DApps use conventional languages like HTML and Javascript and the smart contracts connect with the blockchain that is developed on Solidity that looks like Javascript.

Introduction to MetaMask Browser Extension

It is noteworthy that JavaScript is the most used language of the Ethereum ecosystem. Thus, JavaScript is used to develop the user interface and it interacts with the blockchain.

A recent and the most updated crypto innovation in this field is MetaMask extension.

Metamask Logo

What is MetaMask?

To learn the usage of MetaMask decentralised web extension and further stay updated to avail its features, you need to understand what it is MetaMask, built using Javascript. Is a browser extension for Vivaldi, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome that allows the web applications to connect with the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask also lets you connect to exchanges such as CoinCasso.

MetaMask browser extension simplifies the link between Ethereum blockchain and web applications. It allows for ease to create and manage cryptocurrency wallet, especially for ERC-20 tokens.

The MetaMask extension is available on the official website or via the Brave browser. It’s a fork of Google Chrome and persists in some updated blockchain features. Compatible with Ethereum Blockchain, MetaMask enables the users to create their app referred to as dApps. It is a key vault designed for Ethereum crypto tokens. The keys are stored on the browser, hence, control over the public and private keys is stronger.

Read below to learn how!

Metamask Ui

What is MetaMask used for?

The MetaMask blockchain extension makes the buying and sharing process of ERC20 token and Ether crypto assets effortless.


To purchase tokens, select the Buy option and choose a suitable exchange like However, ensure that you are registered on

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You can also send ERC 20 token and Ether on MetaMask and add the address along with the amount. Click on “Accept” to proceed with the data.

How to use MetaMask?

To begin with the decentralized web crypto transactions, you need to download / Install the latest version.

Step 1

You need to access through any updated browser. For instance, you chose Google Chrome. Now, switch to the MetaMask home page.

Metamask Google Chrome Extension

Step 2

Click on the suitable browser extension and add it to your chrome.

Step 3

You will see the MetaMask icon on your browser. Click on the icon.

Step 4

Select the “Create New Vault” option and secure it with a strong password.

Step 5

There will be 12 seed phrases, which you need to store somewhere safe.

Step 6

Click on “I’ve Copied it Somewhere Safe” and you are done.

Begin to send and buy ERC token and Ether with this quick download.

Metamask How Tu Use

Is MetaMask a wallet?

While users can assume that MetaMask is a wallet, however, it is used to connect them with simplified Ethereum based operations. MetaMask is more than a wallet also because it connects with the webpage a user is visiting by injecting a JavaScript library.

How does MetaMask make Money?

They take a fee over transactions which differs as per the network. You can choose Coincasso as the crypto exchange offers exclusive discounts and various benefits to enhance crypto trading experience.


Can MetaMask Hold Bitcoin?

MetaMask is an Ethereum blockchain extension that facilitates ease of use for Eth based and other tokens from different chains. However, the platform doesn’t store Bitcoin as it has multiple other wallet options.

Take Away!

All in all, MetaMask is one of the most fascinating Ethereum blockchain tools that keeps you updated and in control as it adds ease to your Ethereum transactions. MetaMask key vault will stay safe in your browser and would allow you to manage your transactions with ease. Check out CoinCasso’s blog and enhance your insights and make profitable trades. Stay updated!

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