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How to sell Bitcoin

Now is the moment when you want to cash your BTC, but don’t know how to sell Bitcoin? There are many ways, and we will present a few of them. We will not only tell you how to sell your Bitcoins, but also outline the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods. Decide for yourself what you care about most when selling Bitcoin and choose the best solution for you.

How to sell Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchange?

The most popular way to sell Bitcoin is through the cryptocurrency exchange. Why are cryptocurrencies most often sold there? First of all, you don’t have to leave your home – you can sell Bitcoin from anywhere in the world. The process is fast and efficient, the entire transaction should not take more than 5 minutes. In addition, the sales commission is much lower than in Bitomat or in a cryptocurrency exchange office.

Cryptocurrency exchanges – cons

This method has one downside – it is not an anonymous method. To sell Bitcoin and withdraw money (FIAT currency), you must have a verified account. However, account verification is fast and secure and helps to protect users from fraud. All trusted cryptocurrency exchanges require KYC.

Are you looking for a low fee exchange? See how to sell Bitcoins on CoinCasso

The CoinCasso exchange is a great place to sell Bitcoins. In addition to the advantages we previously mentioned, our exchange has low commissions. See how to sell Bitcoins on our exchange.

Remember that you need to have a verified account to do this! Create a free CoinCasso account and follow the steps below.

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Cryptocurrency deposit on CoinCasso

If your Bitcoin is outside our exchange, you need to start by depositing it into your CoinCasso account. To do this, click on “Wallet” on the left side bar and then select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit, in this case Bitcoin. Then copy the deposit address and send funds to it from your cryptocurrency wallet (you can also use the QR code).

From now on, you can trade your Bitcoin on our exchange.

How to sell Bitcoin – orderbook

The basic function of any exchange is trading – buying and selling cryptocurrencies between users. If you want to sell bitcoins this way, select Exchange from the left side bar and fill in the offer parameters. Enter the amount of BTC you want to sell and the price for which you want to sell Bitcoins. Wait for the transaction to be completed and enjoy the profit from selling your BTC.

Sell Btc Limit

You can also take advantage of the market type offer. The exchange algorithm will search for the most attractive buy / sell offers of users. It is a quick transaction.

Market Sell

SWAP function – a fast and secure way to sell Bitcoin

If you care about time, use our SWAP function. This is a quick way to replace BTC. SWAP works similar to a cryptocurrency exchange, but the commissions are not that high! To sell Bitcoin this way, select BTC and enter the amount. Then select the currency you want to convert Bitcoin to and click “Exchange”. Ready!

Swap Btc Eur

Withdrawal to a bank account

After selling Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchange, you still need to transfer money to your bank account. To do this, select Wallets from the bar on the left and select the currency you want to withdraw. To make a withdrawal, complete your bank account details (only during the first transaction). Go back to the Wallets -> Withdrawals tab and select Withdraw funds. Complete the data (the amount of funds you want to withdraw and the bank account). Wait for the bank transfer and enjoy cash on your account.

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How to sell Bitcoin in Bitomat?

Another way to sell bitcoins is bitcoin. The disadvantages of this solution are the low availability of bitomats and high commissions. There are about 10k bitomats in the world and they are located in large cities usually. The commission ranges from 3.5 to 10% when on cryptocurrency exchanges it is usually below 1%.

To sell BTC in a bitomat, scan the QR code of your wallet and then collect cash.

How to sell Bitcoin without verification? How to sell Bitcoin anonymously?

You are wondering why people decide to exchange BTC in a bitomat when the commissions are so high? All because of anonymity and privacy. If you want to sell bitcoin without verification, use Bitomat.

How to sell Bitcoin in a cryptocurrency exchange offices?

If you want to exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can do so at a cryptocurrency exchange office. Exchange offices can be both stationary (cash pickup possible) and online (transfer to a bank account). The downside of exchange offices is usually high commissions.

Commissions of popular cryptocurrency exchange offices

  • Bitcan – 2% for the exchange office, 1.5% towards the intermediary of the payment of express transfers (also information provided by the support)
  • Bitcantor – 2%
  • Hash-Back – 2%
  • Bitcoin exchange – 1.5%
  • Swaply – 3%
  • 4coins – 2%

The process of selling bitcoins in a cryptocurrency exchange is simple. Enter the Bitcoin amount and select the appropriate currency. The sale of bitcoins takes place at the market price.

Cryptocurrency exchange offices also typically require identity verification.

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How to sell Bitcoin tax-free?

Is there a way to avoid the tax? For this purpose, it is necessary to change the tax residence, e.g. to Malta or Cyprus. Unfortunately, this is associated with a number of requirements, such as staying for a certain number of days in a given country. Is it legal?It is.

How to sell Bitcoins – summary

As you can see, there are many ways to sell Bitcoin. Each one has pros and cons. However, the SWAP function remains our number one selling point for Bitcoin. Fast, safe and with low commission.

And you, which way will you choose to sell Bitcoin?

Create an account and start trading right now.


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