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Before you start mining your first crypto, it’s worth knowing how to do it. It is important to understand the essence of cryptocurrency mining and to learn all the techniques of this process. Therefore, in this article we will discuss this topic so that you can properly start the adventure with crypto mining.

How to start?

If you take Bitcoin and other crypto mining very seriously and this is a form of investing for you that you want to spend time and capital on, learn more about the profitability of this profession. The cryptocurrency market is still very volatile, however, there may be occasions when the costs of extracting digital assets will be much greater than profit.

Generally, Bitcoin mining pays off when the market is seeing its value increase, and generally when all crypto prices are high. If BTC’s prices have dropped significantly and its price is simply low, then there may be a situation in which the energy needed to power the equipment will consume our entire budget, and the value of the good received will not bring adequate benefits.

There are tools to help you check the profitability of mining. They can be calculators, one of the most interesting is bitcoinwisdom, which takes into account changes in network difficulties.

Mining equipment

The first step to start the adventure with crypto mining is choosing and investing in the right equipment. In fact, anyone can mine crypto. All you need to do is download the appropriate software for this purpose to any device. However, currently this action will not bring the appropriate effect and profit.

crypto mining hardware


As we know at the beginning of the appearance of BTC, an ordinary computer was enough to extract it. However, now the crypto mining process has changed completely by ASIC devices, which are much more efficient. Their functionality lies in the fact that they perform specific types of computing operations that are necessary to extract digital assets. There are only a few manufacturers around the world who create these types of devices.

After all, it is loud equipment and I am not suitable to store it in a private apartment or house.

Mining pools

After investing in the right equipment, you should take advantage of the opportunity to join the so-called mining pool. What does this term mean? Bitcoin mining pools are simply groups of BTC miners. They work together to solve the block and share the prize.

mining pools crypto


Earnings from mining cryptocurrencies depend not only on the computing power of the device you are using, but also on luck. That is why it is worth joining one of the mining pools. This will definitely increase the chances of getting a prize for mining BTC. Acting individually, we can expect that after intensive use of equipment for a period of several months, the remuneration for the mining process will be small. Using the mining pool, although you share the prize with others, the profit is quite systematic.

Payments for Bitcoin mining

What do the potential earnings withdrawals system look like? Of course, withdrawals are issued using BTC, which is by far the most popular digital currency in the world of crypto miners.

As you know, Bitcoin cannot be placed on a bank account, so it’s important to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. There are several types of wallets, and their exact description can be found in one of our articles.

Is it worth to mine BTC at home?

Let’s not hide that the crypto market is dominated by giant mines, equipped with high-performance computing devices. This makes mining at home unprofitable.

You can try amateur crypto mining, thanks to specialized software such as Cudo Miner, but it should be taken into account that the profits from such activities are simply poor.

cudo mniner mining at home 

What does the process of mining other cryptos look like?

Ethereum can be extracted thanks to the AWS system – a template that allows users to run a blockchain network very efficiently. This is possible thanks to open source frameworks. Thanks to this solution, ETH mining is faster and simpler.

After all, according to many market analysts, Ethereum due to the enormous level of difficulty in mining, mining ETH is simply unprofitable. This applies mainly to short and medium periods.

The process of mining Monero, which depends on the appropriate equipment, also looks interesting. It’s mainly about the power in the graphics processor. Users can choose to use the main processor. Remember that Monero mining by ASIC is unprofitable. That is why it is worth focusing on using the quality of the graphics processor or mining within the Monero network.

After getting the right equipment to mine Monero, the right software is important. It is worth making sure that the program is downloaded from a trusted source.

Mining cryptocurrencies requires time, work, appropriate equipment and a lot of energy. It is a process resulting from social and technological development. This is a completely new way of making a profit, but it is nevertheless associated with traditional assets, e.g. gold. And because the world is becoming more digital, people need the right alternatives, and one of them is cryptocurrencies.

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