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The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the answer to the question of how to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies is very important. The search for new forms of saving money intensified at that time.

The cryptocurrency exchange has become a place where people want to invest almost as much as in the real estate. If you want to join the crypto movement, but wondering how to do so, we have some tips for you. How to buy Bitcoin? Check out few easy steps below!

How to start investing in cryptocurrency?

Discussing how to invest in bitcoin (the most popular cryptocurrency) can be considered in two levels. The first level is the theory and familiarization with the cryptocurrency market – especially important for people who do not know anything about it.
The second level is the practical creation of an account on the crypto exchange – the registration stage and the first purchase of cryptocurrencies.

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Investing in cryptocurrency for Beginners

Before you start buying and selling, learn about the history of the cryptocurrency market and other investors’ experience. Also follow the cryptocurrency exchange rates – e.g. Bitcoin – how has it changed over the years and what are the important milestones have been established in its history? Read the interviews, follow forecasts and think over your strategy.

Also, prepare a certain capital – to start investing in the market, you should have some additional funds at your disposal.

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Register on the cryptocurrency exchange

After you passed the stage of learning the theory, you need to choose a cryptocurrency exchange and create an account there. The process of registering and activating the account takes place via the e-mail address, but also requires filling in other data – e.g. place of residence. In this way, the creators of an exchanges can ensure the security of all the platform users.

Depending on the exchange type, you can pay for cryptocurrencies in PLN, EUR or USD, but before that happens, you will need to send a scan of your identity document.

Also, enter two-step verification to prevent unwanted people from logging into your account. Do not be discouraged by the high standards of authentication – they only testify to the fact that the exchange is professional and treats the data of its users responsibly.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, eg. Bitcoin or Ethereum for the long term, make sure you have a secure cryptocurrency wallet – just like a physical wallet, it will be used to accumulate and store funds.

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Giełda kryptowalut platform – safe, fast, intuitive investing in cryptocurrency exchange is a place where the registration process takes place in a few minutes, and users have access to news and guides. They also keep an eye on the rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and tokens (e.g. Ethereum, Tether, Serum, Swipe, Chainlink, Loot).

Deposits can be made with debit and credit cards, and the convenient and functional application allows you to invest even from your smartphone. These and other functionalities distinguish CoinCasso from the other platforms on the crypto market, so if you want to start investing in bitcoin, feel free to start with registration on

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