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How to get Bitcoin

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin is the future and an excellent way to invest. It is impossible to disagree with this, looking at the Bitcoin chart. Despite the fluctuations in Bitcoin’s rate, we can see that its price continues to rise. People who invested several hundred zlotys in Bitcoin a few years ago are now bitcoin millionaires.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies means that you would most likely want to have several of them in your wallet. So the question is how to get Bitcoin and what are the most efficient ways to do it. Let’s look at the most popular methods to get Bitcoin.

How to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Buy it, bring it out, or maybe win? What’s the best way to get Bitcoin? Let’s check it out!

Buying bitcoins – cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, bitomat

The first way that comes to mind is to buy Bitcoin. This is the easiest and safest way to get Bitcoin. However, in order to get it this way, you need to have money to invest in your portfolio.

You can buy Bitcoin in various places – on the cryptocurrency exchange, in an exchange office or in a Bitomat. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, purchases on the stock exchange are associated with the lowest commission, the exchange office is the fastest and the bitomat provides the greatest privacy. We recommend buying Bitcoin on the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange. You can trade Bitcoin with us not only with other users, but also through the SWAP function, which provides instant crypto exchange with a low fee.

According to forecasts, the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise, so you can gain a lot! You can also improve your trading by using various strategies to multiply your fortune. Enter the cryptocurrency market with CoinCasso.

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Bitcoin mining – the basic way to get Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be obtained not only by buying, but also by the so-called Bitcoin mining, i.e. digital mining.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology and the Proof of Work system, which allows you to get cryptocurrency by mining it. Bitcoin mining is about creating new blocks and adding them to the blockchain network. Miners must have hardware with high computing power needed to mine bitcoin. The miner gets paid for solving complicated algorithms with Bitcoin.

The downside of this solution is the need to invest in mining equipment. Joining the mining pool, however, does not guarantee a return on investment. Additionally, this process is time-consuming and not everyone can afford it.

Bitcoin In Sand

How to get free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?

You’re probably most interested in how you can get Bitcoin for free without investing money. Is it possible at all? Yes! Our exchange also offers such methods.

The following methods allow you to get cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin. Later, you can exchange such cryptocurrencies or tokens for BTC on our cryptocurrency exchange.

Competitions – how to get Bitcoins for free

The first way is to participate in various types of competitions organized by cryptocurrency exchanges or creators of various tokens and projects based on blockchain technology. You can get free cryptocurrencies by completing various tasks, e.g. one of our recent contests was to make as many trades as possible on any cryptocurrency pair.

Follow our blog to be up to date with competitions organized by CoinCasso.

Affiliate and ambassador program – an effective way to earn cryptocurrency?

Affiliate and ambassador programs are probably the best way to get free cryptocurrencies. Our CoinCasso exchange also offers such programs. All you have to do is encourage others to register. Is that it? Yes! From now on, you will profit from transactions carried out by the people you invite into the affiliate program. The commission bonus increases with the number of frozen CCX tokens.

On the other hand, the ambassador’s program, apart from the commission on the turnover of acquired users, allows you to get free ETH. Sounds good, right?

This method will be especially beneficial for you if you have many friends and / or run social media. The more active invitees, the greater the profit!

Ambassadors Program Earning Table

Bitcoin Taps

Cryptocurrency faucets are a way to get small amounts of cryptocurrencies by performing simple tasks in applications and websites. Earning cryptocurrency takes place, for example, when watching an advertisement or a recaptcha solution. Unfortunately, the prizes are really small and not every website / app pays.

Earning Bitcoins in games

Another way to earn Bitcoin is by playing online games. For completing missions, you can receive cryptocurrencies and then exchange them for cash.

CoinsLoot – profit from various cryptocurrencies

Our partner’s CoinsLoot platform allows you to get additional bitcoins from Boxes. The platform is very easy to use – you connect your cryptocurrency wallet, make a deposit and open the Box! For example, you can open a Box for 100 USDC and find around 0.0209 BTC (1000 USDC) inside! You only pay a fee for opening the Box and enjoy free BTC.

On the platform, you can get not only BTC, but also other cryptocurrencies.

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Acquiring cryptocurrencies through Airdrops

Airdrop is a good way to get free crypto (maybe not necessarily Bitcoin). Typically, AirDrops are organized by new projects to popularize them. To get free cryptocurrencies in this way, you need to promote them, e.g. by sharing them on social media, joining a group on a telegram or creating an account. The popularity of cryptocurrencies often translates into their prices, so AirDrops are beneficial for both you and their organizers.

How to get Bitcoin – Bitcoin Back

Do you know the popular cash-back program? Bitcoin has its-Bitcoin Back equivalent. Buy Bitcoin on e.g. CoinCasso, and then make purchases with it. While shopping online, some funds will be returned to your cryptocurrency wallet.

How to get Bitcoin – summary

There are many ways to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some of them require investment, others time. In our opinion, the best way to get Bitcoin is to buy and trade it, and then recommend the platform you use to your friends. CoinCasso is a great place to do this, so open an account and start your adventure with crypto today!

If you want to take advantage of free ways (free Bitcoin) to get cryptocurrencies, be sure to read the opinions about the platform that offers free profit beforehand!

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