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Are you starting your adventure with crypto mining? Do you have many questions? Don’t you know where to start? In time, this process is easier than you think. Do your homework and find out more about it. We’ll help you with that. That’s why today we will compare mining ASICs and GPUs. Here we go!

Mining ASIC

The ASIC features an integrated circuit designed for single tasks such as sound processing or call management. In the crypto world, this system is used to extract new coins. For this purpose, ASICs are built into specially designed motherboards and power supplies.

What makes this mining special? First of all, it has gained popularity due to its speed and efficiency in carrying out complicated calculations. It is an extremely important factor in generating new crypto coins. Each virtual currency has its own hash algorithm. Mining ASIC is designed to create coins using this particular algorithm.

asic cryptocurrency mining

Mining GPU

What is this kind of mining? GPU mining is the process of solving complex mathematical calculations to verify electronic transactions using a graphics card. The best GPU should also have an appropriate hash speed indicator.

In 2017, when the popularity of crypto increased significantly, there was a huge shortage of GPUs. This was mainly due to the fact that many people started to extract cryptocurrency. There was also an increase in the share of companies that produced GPUs.

gpu cryptocurrency mining

Mining equipment

The thing is, we don’t get ASICs in any of the local electronics stores. There are two ways to get this equipment. You can buy it online or find a local company that specializes in selling such equipment. In addition, you can try to buy the equipment directly from the manufacturer, but be aware of the huge customs fees and delivery costs if the company is located abroad. It is a good idea to test the ASIC once you receive it to make sure everything is in order.

GPU hardware, on the other hand, can easily be purchased from an ordinary computer shop. The only drawback may be getting the wrong set of hardware, so make sure everything is in order. When buying a used graphics card, test it.

Configuration process

When it comes to ASICs, the setup process is quite simple. All you have to do is connect your equipment, join a mining pool and you can start mining.

But the GPU setup process is more complicated. First, you have to build your farm. You will need a motherboard with a CPU installed. If you have no experience in hardware installation, you will need to save some time and prepare for the extra effort. When your device is ready, you need to install the operating system and optimize it, which is a relatively difficult procedure.

Hardware accuracy

With the arrival of new ASIC models, older versions are less useful. A few years ago, new versions of such devices appeared every six months and were more efficient every time. In general, ASICs should be replaced every year.

A GPU model can serve you for another 3 years, and if you would like to sell your graphics card later, there is no major problem.


An ASIC can only work with one algorithm. It is able to extract one or more types of virtual currencies. It is perfect for mining Bitcoins and their hard forks. So if you want to extract BTC, use this method.

GPUs are very versatile. If you set your equipment well, it will be really efficient. It’s the perfect way to extract altcoins, which you can then easily replace with Bitcoins. The possibilities of GPU mining are much greater.

crypto mining


In the long run, the profit you can make with an ASIC mining is higher. However, new models are introduced quite often, so you cannot expect sudden and huge profits. It is important to check your equipment before using it. This mining model is for those who do not want to constantly monitor the crypto market.

GPU equipment, on the other hand, will take time to make first profits. Still, it is an ideal option for those interested in what is happening in the crypto world. Especially for those who like market analysis and interesting research.

So what to choose?

The ASIC is great for people who don’t want to spend too much time and effort on configuration. At the same time they want a systematic profit. The equipment itself is very expensive, noisy and difficult to access, but its performance is a huge plus.

Mining GPU is suitable for home use and doesn’t scare away novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts. If you’re starting your adventure with mining digital assets, it’s worth using this method.

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