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If you’re looking to buy bitcoin via GBP ? This is the best place for an exchange. The highest market in pair BTC GBP with best exchange rate and price. Below chart shows a history of currency trade between BTC to GBP.

btc to gbp

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The British market is going to open for Bitcoin with GBP

On our website, you will be able to check current bitcoin value according to British pound with best exchange rate. CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange offering quick and easy registration for UK based residents with pound currency accounts. All your data after registration stays in EU and are 100% secured. We are about to create the highest volume in British pound in trading pair against BTC.

We are prepared to service many users with high volume in any future markets. That allows for our users to buy or sell BTC and get paid with British pound. Market BTC GBP will open to use not only on our website but also by using our BTC GBP ATM that allows to trade with cash and best exchange rate.

If you would like to trade in pair BTC to GBP or just to buy or sell BTC or any other currency by British pound with the best price please open an account. You will be able to use our platform in short time and trading with best rate.

btc to gbp

Is Bitcoin legal in UK ?

Of course, it is. Bitcoin is legal in 99% of the World. However, value of bitcoin is unstable due to the nature of demand and supply.

How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin?

In last years to mine 1 bitcoin, only what you needed was just your own computer. Currently, mining is dedicated only to high specified machines that allow connected each other in pool to mine bitcoin. Due to that difficulty to mine one bitcoin, you will need to spend a lots of GBP or USD money first for mining BTC currency.

Best price rate to buy Bitcoin ?

There is no best price rate when buying Bitcoin. It depends, on the current situation and analysis. If you are an inexperienced trader you should not to buy a bitcoin without making own limits. Price can go high or low in a just couple seconds. For beginners, we highly recommended using a smaller amount of money to buy or sell bitcoin with GBP, USD or any other currency.

Can Bitcoins go higher? When bitcoin go higher ?

The best question is when. Bitcoin always goes higher on demand. It is simple right that in any unstable situation on the market in this cryptocurrency makes BTC to react on the same direction. It is difficult to predict the price, because it is difficult to predict people’s reactions. In last years we observe big movements on the BTC price to GBP and also to different pairs. Those movements are based on geopolitical and global events as well as technology that cause that – BTC halving.

In according to basic price and volume data we can observe a couple of big movements :

  • Mt. GOX was hacked – Bitcoin goes down.
  • Bitcoin start soaring up in 2017, after halving effect Bitcoin went very high near $20’000 and then collapse just after the Chinese government ban crypto exchange (currently situation is changing)
  • Similarly, happens with BTC in 2020 when the Bitcoin community are waiting for halving with hope that will go high in near future. That was very stable grow until current events with coronavirus happen that people start to panic on every market. That causes a very unstable price on the market as well on the market BTC to GBP.
  • However, this happens on every currency. Now the market is preparing for halving, so we can expect another BTC movement too. Due to an expected demand in future BTC should go higher.
  • Very important thing is that the latest serious global economic crisis was in 2008 before the BTC goes live, which means that in case of a new crisis, investors will get an option to escape with their fund not only to GOLD but also to BTC and any other digital currency.
  • All movements we can observe on a volume of trading of BTC during the unstable situation, 2020 show the record on volume. Many traders make an offer to buy and many to sell BTC.

Trading BTC and more.

In summary, CoinCasso is one of those exchanges that offer trading crypto to GBP. Also offering payments using GBP to buy coins with credit or debit cards with low fees. Our GBP banking is dedicated for the British market and it is based in UK. That is called crypto-friendly banking. Together with a quick and safe KYC process makes CoinCasso a very suitable platform to buy or sell bitcoin for UK users.

btc to gbpCrypto listing and new coin pairs.

In near future, we add more trading pairs for GBP users such as : LTC to GBP, ETH to GBP and many tokens based on ERC-20 algo. Please contact us directly at [email protected] if you are looking trading platform for listing tokens with low or no fee. There is a minimum data requirement for listing with us in 2020 and the process for listing new coins takes no more time than 10-20 days.

GBP crypto card.

This year (2020) we will work hard to implement, GBP crypto card for users. Imagine that your own new debit card, VISA or MasterCard that allows you to pay almost instant by the crypto you just sold to GBP currency. We are working hard to implement that card in 6 months’ time we start trading GBP to BTC. First, we need to improve the volume on that pair that gives our users the best trading experience. The volume of liquidity itself is very important on every pair on every crypto exchange platform.

Make money on GBP with crypto.

For time being we offer $35 bonus after registration that is paid with our tokens CCX. Also, if you are a good marketer or would like to start making money that is called passive income it is very simple to start. Let’s help us our growth globally as well on GBP area. After registration please use the affiliates section, copy that you own link and share with your friends and on the other website – you will make money same time anyone is trading. Let’s help us to grow not only on the British GBP area.

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