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Even though the volume of the BTC  EUR pair is much lower than that of BTC and the USD currency, it has been growing all the time recently. What is behind the pair’s growing popularity? One of the reasons for the growing popularity of BTC / EUR may be the increasing interest of the citizens of the EU zone in cryptocurrencies.

What is BTC to EUR trading?

The main purpose of BTC/EUR trading is to earn on BTC price movements. Users are able to earn with BUY/SELL operations on the market. The Bitcoin to Euro price rate is determined as BTC/EUR currency pair. The calculation is as follows: the currency pair shows how much Euro is needed to buy one unit of Bitcoin. It is worth noting that you can purchase a part of BTC, not a whole coin if you need. BTC/EUR price movements can be tracked on the Bitcoin price chart in price Euro.

First exchanges serving this pair appeared in 2011. The EU still struggling to properly sanction cryptocurrencies and regulate their use. Ultimately, Bitcoin is to act like an independent currency and be subject to control by the authorities similar to EURO to make sure that the cryptocurrency is used to conclude legal transactions.

Trade Bitcoin (BTC) to Euro (EUR)

Trading BTC to EUR is available on various exchange platforms. One of them is CoinCasso exchange. We are offering our users options for trading BTC in several pairs. As you probably expected, the most popular one is BTC/USD. Why is it worth to choose our platform?

Our BTC to EUR exchange system is fully transparent, so users always know the exact amount that they are receiving.

We offer an instant buy/sell service that is connected with our API. That facilitates the processing of transactions.

Users have an opportunity to complete the order for the desired price. When choosing the market order to trade BTC/EUR the user will have the order executed by the best available price.

Soon, we will be introducing trading on margin which allows users to increase their profits by trading with more funds than is available on their balance. It will be successful, they will increase their profits.

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How to exchange Bitcoin to Euro?

Exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies is the first step which takes everyone who is entering the crypto market. As Bitcoin is one of the most well known digital assets, its price charts change every second. For example, today’s (Dec 10th, 2020) 24h change is -1.84%.

Online exchange services allow exchanging BTC to EUR for the current market price in the fastest way. Converting Bitcoin using the cryptocurrency platform occurs in real-time. The current exchange rate is 15102.65 and the lowest 14987.78. Thanks to that comparison you can watch the most relative ratio. It is also important that you pay attention to the volume (volume is the amount of specific stocks sold or bought over a certain period of time, the most reliable is the one of the last 24 h, called daily volume).

On the CoinCasso exchange, you can observe the market in real-time.

Basically, trading is about buying a currency when its price is low and selling when it’s high.

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Instant SEPA Deposits for Ultimate speed and convenience.

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

Offered on the CoinCasso Exchange users can quickly deposit Euro into their CoinCasso Account safely and quickly.

The whole process is simple and detailed in the images below

how to make sepa transfer

First step
After logging in on the left hand side of the exchange you will find an option called SWAP.
Just click there and choose your currency pair.
 Euro deposit on CoinCasso

Secondly, from the drop down menu choose EUR and on the second option choose BTC or vice versa, enter the amount of Euro or Bitcoin that you want to exchange.

 Euro deposit on CoinCasso
 Euro deposit on CoinCasso

The last step is just to simply click the blue SWAP button.
 Euro deposit on CoinCasso
CoinCasso ensures instant bank transfers, always with low fee and the fast credit or debit card deposits.

How to start exchanging Bitcoin/Euro on CoinCasso?

As it was already said, we have all the most popular currency pairs including currencies: ETH, USD, BAT and other. The interface on CoinCasso is clear, so it will be good for beginners and more advanced user, also setting up and verifying an account is extremely simple and takes only several minutes. Thanks to the modern security system your data is always safe. In the financial exchanges the most important thing is fast, on CoinCasso you don’t have to wait for long on the results.

If you want more, we encourage you to try our trading app. This is the best possibility to be always up to date to market charts, 24h/7, on every mobile device. You can download our application and install it on any operating system. The app has been designed to give you the best experience in a fast way.

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