October 4, 2019 | CoinCasso Exchange
What are the benefits of freezing CCX tokens?

As CoinCasso 2.0 finally enters its beta phase, we decided to create a short article clearly explaining how freezing of CCX tokens works and what are the expected benefits of owning our tokens in the upcoming future. What are frozen

How to withdraw CCX tokens to CoinCasso 2.0 Exchange

I. From coincasso.io to CoinCasso Exchange 2.01) Log in to coincasso.io 2) From the left side menu choose: Money -> Withdraw -> From: CCX Wallet If you don’t have an account on coincasso.com 2.0, register here: https://app.coincasso.com/register 4) Click “Add

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 23

Dear Users! This week is really crazy and groundbreaking for our project at once! Everyone knows what is going on, but let’s summarise it! 1. 1st October the CoinCasso 2.0 Beta Version has started! 2. Surprise regarding profits distribution time!

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